On January 20, 2005, Americans gathered in the nation's capital for the second inauguration of George W. Bush as the President of the United States. A Cold Day in DC: The Counter Inaugural is a film about people and events surrounding this day that challenge the administration and its policies, a story of those not seen or heard in mainstream media. This is a story of American citizens united in their dissent.

David Sholle

David Sholle is an Associate Professor of Mass Communication and Assistant Chair in the Department of Communication, Miami University (Ohio). His research has been published in numerous books and scholarly journals. His teaching and research interests include media production, critical theory, media aesthetics, and documentary criticism and production. He is currently researching a documentary on the intersection of global and local politicsand economics, centering on Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Andrea Chalfin

Cincinnati native Andrea Chalfin is studying for her master's degree in Mass Communication at Miami University. She fills her assistantship duties as a reporter for WMUB, a public radio station affiliated with National Public Radio and Public Radio International.

Andy Marko

Andy Marko is the staff producer in Mass Communication at Miami University. He teaches audio and video production, advanced broadcast journalism, TV practicum, media aesthetics, and advanced video production. He coordinates production and programming for MUTV (Miami University Television). Professionally, Andy has worked at affiliates for all three major networks. His productions have won many awards including regional Emmys, the Chicago Film Festival, Best of Chicago Showcase and the Athens International Film Festival. He is the chair of the City of Cincinnati's Arts Allocation Commission and he received an Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship for 2005.

Josh Green

Joshua Green is a master’s student in mass communication with a special interest in production and drama. Originally from Chicago, Joshua has worked with theater companies, television production studios, and motion capture studios. As a graduate assistant, most of his work is in the field of television production. Future ambitions include professional work in the broadcast industry or a doctoral program

Matthew Mitchem

Matthew Mitchem received a Master of Arts degree in Philosophy before turning his attention to participatory media. His academic interests include new media technology, continental philosophy, open source democracy, ultraculture and pirate aesthetics. Aside from living life to the oddest, Matt fills his time with eternal celebration, latourex, short documentary work and experimental living. He may be reached at matt.mitchem@gmail.com

Kristin Oberlander

Kristin is getting her M.A. in Mass Communication at Miami University in Ohio. "A Cold Day In D.C." is her first major film project, though she was involved in several campus productions at the University of Dayton, Ohio while getting her B.A. in Electronic Media. She currently works for WMUB, a public radio station.

Aimee Ramos (Graphic Design)

Aimee is a graduate of the University of Dayton Visual Communication Design program and has experience in both corporate and freelance endeavors. You can see more of her work at aimeeramosdesign.com